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Italian-born but Berlin-based, Luca Bigote is a prolific DJ and the person behind Tiella Sound and Nostalgia Del Futuro projects.

Displaying an intent to never be pinned down by genres, his diverse sets are representative of all the experiences he accumulated over the years, that led him to share the dj booth with artists like Tornado Wallace, Patrice Scott, Fantastic Man, Rahaan and many more. Listening to music on a vast scale while living in some of the most trend-setting European capitals, he has enriched his background, resulting in a global journey into all the different shades of House music and beyond, Electronica ambience and some Disco grooves — with a whimsical Balearic feel. This approach was clearly showcased in September 2019, when he played a 6-hour marathon set for the legendary Buttons party at about blank in Berlin.


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