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t-mag Visual Residency: #05 Roxy Ceron Vergani and Dj Barefoot “BRFT RX”

“These pieces are small cells, of a hive almost entirely formed.

You must hurry to cram the honey, winter is coming”

This collaboration between DJ Barefoot and the videoartist Roxy Cerön was born from the idea of carrying out a project in which there is no digital intervention but rather wants to combine natural light with the sound of synthesizers. This works through the reflection of polarized light and industrial building materials, there is no type of digital post production intervention, but only a work of continuous experimentation through light, reflections and distortions of nature.

Everything wants to be something unique and organic, like a raw material that is born

Roxy Cerön is a videoartist and photographer, her work focuses on the experimentation of industrial materials and reflection of images. He collaborates with fashion brands in the creation of analog special effects and in contemporary art.

Dj Barefoot is an experienced technician, a listener of the sounds of nature and a man. Loneliness is dear to him, all he needs is his music setup. His synthesizer is programmed to play alone, it just needs to be taken into a place where it can express itself.

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