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Track Premiere: Soft as Snow - Organ Candy

We circle back to an intriguing encounter we had some time ago with Soft As Snow, as featured in our Issue X — Read back the interview online

Now, the avant-pop duo from Norway, currently based in Berlin, takes center stage once more as we delve into the anticipation surrounding their upcoming EP "Organ Candy" set to release on November 24th via Orb Tapes.

Within their music, crackling synth melodies, pixelated drum machines, and contemplative vocals converge to construct a harmonious auditory realm, where our digital presence takes precedence, casting a shadow over our mortal selves. "Organ Candy" serves as a sonic manifestation of this intricate conflict.


"Organ Candy" EP Cover

After dropping the enthralling albums "Bit Rot" and "Massage" on labels Infinite Machine and Jollies Records, Soft As Snow doesn't hit the brakes. Their upcoming EP "Organ Candy" not only sustains but intensifies their mission to cast light upon the intricacies of our abstracted and refracted realities. Picture the sleekness of a black screen mirroring an ethereal, half-whispered vocal line, seamlessly juxtaposed with the tumultuous, jarring state of our physical world manifested through a relentless surge of crunching, deteriorating synth wails. It's a sonic exploration where the smooth and the jagged converge, creating a captivating musical narrative that transcends the boundaries of conventional soundscapes.

Soft As Snow

Embarking on a harmonious collision of contrasting realms, "Organ Candy" unveils a symbiotic dance between dreamlike enchantment and somber desolation, capturing a nexus that both entangles and emancipates.

Soft As Snow masterfully weaves a musical tapestry where the familiar is seductively interwoven with a disintegration of its own essence. In this sonic odyssey, the duo paints a canvas where allure meets unraveling, creating an immersive experience that defies the boundaries of conventional electronic soundscapes.

Officially out on November 24th

"Organ Candy" Cassette by Soft As Snoq


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