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t-mag Visual Residency #9 | Alice Bachmann

Alice Bachmann

Hypothèses de paysage

"A character is "frozen" in an eternal dance movement. In this distorted spacetime, to move are only the inanimate accessories the figure wears; and the robotic eye of the camera that slides around, exploring this landscape body. Enlargement and slow motion are not tools to dissect reality but an attempt to bring to light entirely new structures of matter, to find unknown patterns inside the real itself. They are hypotheses of landscape, ambiguous images at the corner between ultra blur poetic and sharp simulacrums. Is this digital or real? Male, female, or other?"

Alice Bachmann used macro extension lenses and a gimbal to create the robotic exploration aesthetic of the video. The eye of the machine -the Dziga Vertov’s Kino eye- owns the power of movement on the living subject, an immobilized beautiful slave of this omniscient look. Dressed to hang out, the ambiguous character undergoes the passiveness of all of us in this strange Society of the Spectral dominated by images.

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