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t-mag Visual Residency: #04 Veronika Osipova - Rising

Updated: May 18, 2022

"Pain that you take from the world

And digesting inside in a right way

Will bear special fruits

Elevating you to the absolute

Making you stronger then ever"

We can't learn how to walk without falling. This work reflects the difficulties that we face on the way of growing up and becoming yourself. The struggle and pain that we have already lived through are rooted into our system of experience. These are the thorns that appear on us. By not noticing and ignoring them, we can hurt ourselves and others. But once we learn how to deal with them, we become stronger.

In her work, Veronika Osipova focused on the state of fullness and self-sufficiency, self-love and self-acceptance. The result of these feelings is a healing force penetrating the whole body, bringing awareness of one's own power and movement forward.

As always, the female body is an important medium for her, which enhances the contrast of physical fragility and mental strength. Here it's also a symbol of the universe, the beginning of energy and strength.

Veronika Osipova - digital artist, member of Digi GX


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