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Naive Supreme "Trío" Mixtape

"trío" by Naive Supreme invites you to an NSFW experience, starting with vocal experimentation on NS1, electronic-hard drums, and the hardest perreo on NS2, plus original orchestral compositions for a 16-string ensemble on NS3 with alien-abduction-twerk.

"I wanted to include the listener on my trip of sound and censorship."

Naive investigates the relationship between queer bodies and technologies, posing questions that the cis-normative ideologies of platform capitalism are unwilling to answer because the answers would reveal the moral bankruptcy they are fuelled by. naive's art is being censored by all social media platforms for one reason: not because it's explicit, but because it asks for accountability. it demands answers.

This work attempts to escape the algorithmic prison and an immutable middle finger toward the platforms that hold creativity hostage. It's a celebration of the possible alternatives as much as it's a celebration of the bodies that these platforms try to silence.

How did you build this mixtape? Where did the tracks come from, and how did you jam them together?

"I like creating in this mixtape format as I get to tell a particular and timeline-like story. I always have all of my projects, and also, there’s a ‘mixtape’ logic project happening while everything else is happening. In

2017 while working with Maria on G.O.D. I started working on NS1 -the first part of the mixtape- to also experiment with instrumentation and vocals while I was developing the ‘G.O.D.’ sound palette. That part felt finished in 2018 and stored until I worked with La Zowi and Barla on the ‘Oscuro’ track; I did the mixing and vocal effects for that track, which I later covered for closing the creative process on NS1.

After that, Maria and I started working on Devil, the creative sugar daddy of NS2, life always happens while I make mixtapes, so I wouldn’t finish this until 2020 when I felt like I wanted a ’trío’ of mixtapes. I have many sides of me, but I feel like there are three that express ‘me’: vocals -my personal opinion-intense electronic - my brain waves - and conceptual traditionalism - what I’ve learned- this is what inspired searching deep of NS3."

NS3 is Naive's traditional past; He searched for this 16-string-piece he recorded while he lived in NY with some friends and transformed something deeply traditional -classical string music couldn’t get more than 1600- and mixed it with the track Maria. He created called ‘love’ to be in ‘love’ with all sides of him, "as you should accept what makes you feel and what makes you ‘you'."

All these experiences together created ’trío,’ which he felt was a cute introduction from Naive's to the world, a sex performance of personalities, and a good orgy that lasted years.

"This is a mixtape of mixtapes, all my trip until today featuring friends, to clean my computer from older expressions and make new space for futurism, to clean my human hard drive from ancient viruses, and upgrade iOS 200 Supreme."

You are a multidisciplinary artist. What's the main "glue" amongst all your practice, and how can you express yourself more? "I think every shame-less artist can bring their unique view and experiences to the table. I don’t aim to be on a billboard top, I don’t aim to work with pop stars, I only seek to serve you a genuine anti-capitalistic me, where creativity is not mandated by ‘what’s okay, I aim to make you uncomfortable cause reality is painful, and that’s the beauty in it if you can see beauty in the un-correct let’s enjoy an enjoyable ride together til we die.

For me, that lack of glue is the glue; everyone is so worried about their marketing schemes and to be seen in a particular light, I light myself with the iPhone flash, and I want my glue to expect the unexpected, how are we going to be futurists if we live in the past, try something you haven’t tried before today, like vanilla porn."

What do you think if I say "boundary"? "I instantly think: NO THANKS!

I sincerely think someone who asks for creative boundaries is afraid of what freedom could bring and would instead consume Taylor Swift. "


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