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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

“When we accepted to be the curators of the second BS Radio compilation, we had a clear plan in mind, but the more we went on with the work the more this project changed, it transformed, just like the night.

What unites all these songs is not a single genre, but an energy, the same energy that only the dancefloor can give you.

Multi-genre compilation crafted with passion for music, driven by the natural and unconditional desire to make people dance. This is the second episode of Burro Studio’s sonic narration. Explore the compilation’s sound to get closer to their design experience.”

Volantis & Acidgigi


01 Volantis & Matisa - Amore ‘93

Amore ‘93 is an explosive mix of euro-dance, prog, trance and Italo house inspired by the old European movement in the first 90s. The track conveys emotions of nostalgia and ecstasy between ethereal pads and trance-driven melodies that take you beyond the clouds.

listen here

02 Ferrari - Outside World

Outside World is an acid-infused progressive house track with a dreamy piano melody that takes inspiration from ‘’La Progressiva’’, a musical and cultural movement very popular in Italian rivieras in the early 90s. Close your eyes and you’ll find yourself dancing and sweating under a glass Pyramid in the summer of ’93.

listen here

03 Raphael Schön - Beep

This rhythm must take you to other dimensions, where nothing exists anymore.

Beep is perdition on the dancefloor. Forget everything and connect with yourself,

"Dance, dance, and dance."

listen here

04 Malcolm - With U

For some reason being locked at home gave me more than ever producing songs shaped for big festivals, loud sound systems, strong emotions and friends' euphoria. I guess that «I wanna see all my friends at once!» never hit so hard. Anyway this track is what I’d like to party on with all my pals at 2 in the morning at a summer festival: it’s both very heavy and shamelessly cheesy. From London via Paris to Milano, it’s already filled with great memories of mine and I hope it will create many more for you.

listen here

05 CAPOFORTUNA - Super Poteri

Capofortuna turns his energetic Italo funk into a new wave-influenced analog and dark potion. A new shadow in the Capofortuna’s spectrum to enlighten their vision and evergreen music passion.

listen here

06 EMMANUELLE - Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics is really an exercise - I do things like that when I don't know where or how to start songs ...I try to emulate something I love, I felt like experimenting with house chords and the 808 simple beats you hear in the ’80s and 90’s house.. what I love most about old school house music is the very simple elements, but the decisive chords are what makes those songs worth listening and playing because it's so melodic and seductive ... the lyrics came out of me basically reminding myself to keep it simple... to go back to the basics in every way, elaborating on the saying "if at first you don't succeed try and try again "

listen here

07 Acidgigi - Tornerò

I wanted to describe the melancholic euphoria of when the lights go on in the clubs and everyone loves each other. Deep House and romance come together, with a warehouse vein in a nostalgic and hopeful tone, my umpteenth hymn to the night, which will return sooner or later and maybe me too. “Tornerò”.

listen here

08 Nicodemo - Carambole A dark and energetic journey through the soul of the East. Taking its name from the beloved Asian fruit, Carambole is built around a sample of a Guzheng, a traditional Chinese instrument, and keys slides, keeping you afloat in a peaceful mood. It evolves between steely chords and breathy reverberations partnered with wrapping sub-bass and polyrhythmic drum patterns.

listen here

09 Pascale Project - I’m in the Crowd

This track represents many dancefloor moments all at once - it's sort of a hypnotic track that brings you back in time and makes you close your eyes and relive all of your best never-ending nights. This track brings me back to a specific moment where a friend said to me that he "was so high he couldn't stop dancing". Still to this day I often think of that moment and how funny it was; I knew that one day I was going to write a song about it. listen here

I wrote this track a few months ago, around November. It has been kind of like a work in progress... I was obsessed with every small detail of the track, especially with the opening sounds. It inspired me but also hindered the process. It took a while to finish! This is more of an introspective track, which came very naturally to me after a long process of playing around with different sounds. It’s open to interpretation, but for me the phrase over and over again is to do with the repetition of life. Diverso means different; some of life’s patterns have similarities but can change all the time - which is something I tried to reflect with the use of the main melody, the percussive elements and the phrases in the song.

listen here

11 Placid One - Airport Speedrun

Airport Speedrun is a rather fast song.

I got the idea of the rhythm during a trip to Malta. I had to run to the airport to be on time to board (hence the title of the song). It's a mix of break, dreamy pads, and a touch of acid as often in my tracks.

listen here

12 James Falco - Green Wall

'Green Wall' atmosphere relies on lush pads which contrast with the rhythmical pattern enriched with a cascade of percussion. Dreamy synths kick in in the second half of the track, empowering the ethereal mood of the track.

listen here


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